Intention to sell the HoogTij business park in Westzaan to the State of the Netherlands

Object information Address: business park HoogTij in Westzaan, Smeet, north of Judicial Complex Zaanstad Plot: municipality of Westzaan, section D, numbers 3306 and 3479 Plot size: total approximately 4842 m².

  • LocationWestzaan
  • Area
  • Zoning PlanCompany
  • Acreage4842 m2
  • Price


Intention to sell to the State of the Netherlands

The municipality of Zaanstad intends to sell the above plots to the State of the Netherlands. It concerns an existing road next to the judicial complex, which has now been withdrawn from public view by Zaanstad through a council decision of 1 December 2022.

Party is the only serious candidate

In 2017, the Judicial Complex Zaanstad (JC Zaanstad) on HoogTij was taken into use. North of JC Zaanstad, a commercial plot was issued in 2019 to the Central Government Real Estate Agency for the establishment of the Transport and Support Service (DV&O) of the Judicial Institution Agency (DJI). DV&O will use the Smeet north of JC Zaanstad as an access road. The road is a dead end and has no function for other companies on HoogTij or through traffic.

In view of the foregoing, the municipality is of the opinion that this party is the only serious candidate that is eligible for sale.

Expiry period

The municipality of Zaanstad will continue the process regarding the intention to conclude a purchase agreement 20 calendar days after the date of this publication of this intention, unless an interested party has previously filed summary proceedings against this intention before the preliminary relief judge of the Noord District Court. -Holland, location Haarlem.

The municipality publishes this intention on

With this publication, the municipality implements the judgment of the Supreme Court of 26 November 2021 (ECLI:NL:HR:2021:1778).

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