Intention to temporarily lease a plot of land located on Stormhoek near no. 37 in Zaandam

The municipality of Zaanstad intends to temporarily lease (5 years) the plot on Stormhoek near numbers 37 and 41-47 to Aldi Vastgoed B.V. for the establishment of a temporary supermarket. The lease is for a temporary replacement of the Aldi on Westzanerdijk in Zaandam, which will be closed.

  • LocationZaandam
  • AreaNoorzeekanaalgebied
  • Zoning PlanCompany
  • Acreage5175 m2
  • Price


Party is the only serious candidate

Aldi Vastgoed B.V.owns a supermarket on the Westzanerdijk in Zaandam.This property is in poor condition and urgently needs to be renovated.The municipality is developing a vision for the transformation of the Aris van Broekweg and environment, where the current supermarket falls in, and wants to investigate whether the location on Westzanerdijk is the most desirable location in this area in the future and/or whether the realization of a combined building.The parties have agreed that the Aldi will be temporarily located in Zuiderhout Noord on Stormhoek. The buildings with land at Stormhoek 37 and 41-47 in Zaandam will be included in a redevelopment in the future.Until then, these will be temporarily managed. If the land would not be used for the temporary accommodation of the Aldi, it will continue to function as a parking area for the users of the buildings on the Stormhoek and the site will not be sold/rented until there is more clarity about the redevelopment. Aldi Real Vastgoed therefore the only serious candidate.

Expiry period

20 calendar days after the date of this publication of this intention, the municipality of Zaanstad will continue the process with regard to the intention to conclude a temporary lease for the Plot, unless an interested party has previously filed summary proceedings against this intention before the court in preliminary relief proceedingsof the District Court of Noord-Holland, Haarlem location. The municipality publishes this intention on


With this publication, the municipality implements the judgment of the Supreme Court of 26 November 2021 (ECLI:NL:HR:2021:1778).

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