Provily - Krommenie

Provily is one of the most beautiful locations in Zaanstad. It is currently used as a sports complex.

  • LocationKrommenie
  • AreaOverig
  • Zoning PlanLiving
  • Acreage126797 m2
  • PriceN.o.t.k.


The majority of sports facilities are to be relocated. Only the Sporting Krommenie football club on the south side of the complex will remain. Due to its beautiful location, it has been decided to develop the area for the higher-end market. The draft urban development plan assumes a living environment abounding in water, with the surrounding water areas accessible from the area covered by the plan.

By dividing the area into sub-areas, several living environments will be created and the choice will be greater. There are possibilities for a varied project, such as plots for private commissioning on the edges, building for a specific target group (independent senior citizens),
consumer-focused building, building of distinctive medium-priced and higher-priced rented housing and the development of housing in a parkland setting. The development of the senior citizen housing can potentially be undertaken as collective private commissioning or project-based. Buyers from the entire metropolitan region of Amsterdam form the target group.


Location And accessibility

The area is located to the north of the Provincialeweg and is completely on the west side of Krommenie, at the end of the Militaireweg. The location of the area is excellent, close to the centre of Krommenie and within cycling or walking distance of the NS station Krommenie-Assendelft. There are also good links by car with the A8 national trunk road heading for Amsterdam and other cities.


The gross project area is 12.6 hectares, excluding De Marslaan, the Busch and the Westdijk.
For spatial plans the percentage of land available is an average of 50% of the total project area. The plan has 57% land available and is therefore an efficient plan for the Municipality of Zaanstad. There is a lot of sellable land and relatively low development costs and maintenance charges for the public space. The park and the large house gardens will give the residential district a green character. The project area abounds in water; 20% of the area covered by the plan is water. A large number of the houses will be adjacent to the water, which is an important quality for the houses. Parking will be on the plots and assumes 2 parking spaces for each house. There are no social facilities included in the plan. The facilities in Krommenie are close by and satisfactory.

Zoning Plan

The Krommenie zoning plan, NL.IMRO.0479.STED3763BP-0301, was adopted in July 2013. No operating plan has been adopted. Power to make amendments has been included for the Provily/Slibkuil site. The site is mainly intended for new housing. With the exception of football, the other sports will in due course relocate to the Omzoom in Assendelft Noord (Saendelft). The Sporting Krommenie complex (football), which has been renovated, will be somewhat reduced in size but remain in place.
The draft urban development plan assumes the building of 224 homes on large and medium-sized plots.

Cadastral Data

The plots are:
Municipality of Krommenie, Section: B 09695
Municipality of Krommenie, Section: B 09724

Property Specific Information

The remains of houses from Roman times have been found under the sports park, including traces of a building that is believed to be a guard post. It is of regional importance.

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